• If any changes need to be made to your appointment, please notify us at least 48 hours in advance to avoid additional charges.
  • Less than 48 hours notice about needing to cancel will result in being charged 50% of your service cost.
  • Not showing up to your appointment without notice will result in being charged the full service amount. This also includes day of cancellations.
  • These fees will need to be paid prior to booking a new appointment.

Salon D Safety

Return to work Plan 2020


Health and safety is at the forefront of the decisions we make and must drive decisions of operations moving forward. We acknowledge that ‘the next normal’ will look different and may be uncomfortable at first; however, we all must do our part to ensure the long term longevity of our team and clients is maintaining. It must be recognized that it is the responsibility of both organizations and individuals to do their part to minimize the spread and transmission of COVID-19. In following the directives of the Provincial Health Officer and further enhancing our existing safety and sanitation policies, our mandate is to do our part to protect our team, guests and community. Through these enhanced policies it is our commitment to protect lives by suppressing transmission to the lowest possible rate for at-risk populations. In addition, to strike a balance that meets physical and mental health challenges that come with restricting social interaction. Our Safety Plan is based off the Hierarchy of Controls as described by Dr. Bonnie Henry, Provincial Health Officer.

Physical Distancing 

  1. Hours: We have extended operating hours to minimize how many Stylists and Guests are in the salon at one time. 
  2. Scheduling: We have limited the maximum amount of staff to 2 employees per shift with Reception Cleaning support if required. 
  3. Client Scheduling: Only booked clients may enter the salon or those intending to purchase retail. The exception is made of elderly or vulnerable populations who require a caregiver for assistance; however, the caregiver must wait in their car or out of the salon
  4. Waiting Area: All soft surfaces have been removed to allow for appropriate sanitation and client scheduling is staggered to reduce and/or eliminate seating in the waiting area.                               

Engineering Controls

  1. Station Separation: As space is limited in our 660 square foot space, we have moved and  reinstalled working stations to social distance space.
  2. Seating Arrangements: Excess chairs, seating and tables have been removed to encourage physical distancing. 
  3. Ventilation: The space contains three windows and two doorways to allow airflow. 

Before, Entering the Salon & Reception 

  1. Zero Tolerance Sick Policy: Absolutely no employees or clients are permitted in the space if they are exhibiting influenza or cold like symptoms. Employees must stay home when sick and two subsequent working days will be automatically rescheduled. 
  2. Client Pre-Screening: Clients must answer questions during the confirmation process and verify they have not exhibited symptoms in the past 14 days and/or have been in contact with any individual with symptoms of COVID-19. Anyone who answers, ‘yes’ MUST be turned away.                 Q #1: ‘Do you or have you had any illness related symptoms in 14 days?’                                                                                                                                 Q #2: ‘Have you been in contact with any individual with symptoms and/or has COVID-19?
  3.  Client Physical Screening:  We have the right to check clients temperatures via touchless thermometer upon arriving for an appointment. Anyone with a temperature above 38° will be turned away..
  4. Sanitation Station: Upon entering the salon everyone must immediately wash their hands for 20 seconds and apply hand sanitizer. 
  5. Device Disinfection: Client mobile devices and eye glasses must be wiped down prior to use in the salon. 
  6. Frequently Touched Surfaces: Must be cleaned with sanitizer every 2 hours (tables, counters, telephone, toilets and electronic accessories) and every hour for door handles, faucets. 
  7. Debit Machine, iPads & All Client Facing Items: All client facing devices must be disinfected after each use. 
  8. Payments: No cash payments are accepted moving forward, all payments must be made through debit or credit and touchless where appropriate. 
  9. Retail: All shelves and retail must be cleaned daily.  
  10. Beverage Service: We will not be serving hot beverages at the time. Bottled water will be available upon request.

Tools, Chair & Service Specifics 

  1. Service Providers: Will ensure that between every client they practice personal hygiene (hand washing), where appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (described subsequently) and follow all health and safety guidelines. Participation is mandatory & failing that disciplinary measures will be issued. 
  2. Towels: Towels must be used for every service, TWO towels for haircuts and FOUR may be used for colour. Used towels will be placed in plastic bag lined foot operated garbage can. 
  3. Tools: Every Service Provider will ensure all tools are sanitized and disinfected after every client. All tools must be washed in water and soap, then disinfected. This includes all combs, brushes, scissors, razors, clips and hot tools. Also any back bar products used for the clients hair.
  4. Dry Cutting: No dry cutting is permitted to limit the spread of any disease found on unwashed hair. 
  5. Towels: Must be used to line all necks and capes and washed post service. 
  6. Workstation: Hair is swept off the floor and chair, styling chair is wiped down between each client, trolley and tools must be cleaned between clients. No towels will be placed and/or reused on trolleys. 
  7. Shampoo Basins: Disinfected after each use. 
  8. Shampoo & Colour Tools: All cleaned & sanitized prior to the client coming to the chair. Disinfected tools are stored in work station draws to confirm cleanliness.

Staff Specifics 

  1. Service Providers: Must wash their hands before and after each client, avoid touching their mouth, face, eyes etc. 
  2. Hair & Jewelry: Hair must be tied back at all times and jewelry cannot be worn. 
  3. Staff Room Surfaces & Items: Surfaces wiped hourly with sanitizer, all cups, plates, utensils immediately removed and placed in dishwasher on completion. 
  4. Floors: Must be mopped daily at the end of the day with floor disinfectant. 
  5. Waste Management:  All garbage bins utilize a foot pedal and have an inner plastic bag inside.  All garbage bags must be removed using gloves daily and disposed of in the garbage bins located outside.  All garbage bins must be wiped down with sanitizer after garbage is removed.  Hand must be washed and sanitized after touching waste or receptacles.
  6. Washroom:  Cleaned using a checklist hourly. Sinks, toilets & fixtures must be properly sanitized inside and out daily. Door handles must be wiped down every hour throughout the day.  All items that do not belong in the restroom have been removed.

Personal Protective Equipment

  1. Masks: All Service Providers and Clients must wear masks while services are being performed. 
  2. Gloves: Do not substitute hand washing.                                                                                    a. Gloves must be changed after carrying out activities such as emptying bins, applying     colour and always between each client.                                                                                     b.Must be disposable and may not be re-used.
  3. Aprons: Must be changed and washed between each client.

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